Subhash Public School

School is a gateway to knowledge and plays an important role in building up a love for reading.
The school library is integral to this educational process. Encouraged at the right age, the children are
sure to develop a love for books. "Catch 'em Young" is therefore the motto of the school libraries.
According to IFLA/UNESCO School Library Manifesto, "the school library provides information and ideas
that are fundamental to functioning successfully in today's information and knowledge-based society. The
school library equips students with life-long learning skills and develops the imagination enabling them to
live as responsible citizens". It plays this role by selecting, acquiring and providing access to appropriate
sources of information. The school library offers books and other resources ranging from print to
electronic media for completion of various school projects and assignments, for acquisition of knowledge
about a topic taught in class, for finding information about a hobby or current events and news, etc. The
school librarian helps the students in finding the books/information on the topics of their interest. The
librarians along with the teachers work together to achieve higher levels of literacy. While highlighting the
role of the school library as the heart of school, Dr. Ranganathan stated that the school libraries should