“Care is the glue that keeps relationships together once the novelty has worn off. This is as true in organizational life as in the personal domain”.


DSC02320Each of the multistoried International Boarding Houses accommodates about 60 students, on each floor. They are designed as homes, not hostels. Each storey has its own comfortably furnished common room with entertainment facilities and ample space for socializing. The International Boarding House is supervised by an experienced residential Senior Warden. All students, whether boarders or day boarders belong to a small Mentor Group led by a Faculty Mentor who has the responsibility for their personal welfare and academic progress. The professional counsellor completes the pastoral team.

Religious Life

Though SPS is a nonsectarian school we regard each student’s spiritual growth as being of equal importance with his intellectual, emotional, physical and social development. Each individual has the freedom to practice his religion within the framework of understanding, respect and tolerance for the beliefs of others.

The Lifestyle

There is never a dull moment in SPS. The students are either busy with their studies or actively involved in co-curricular activities or sports. Every aspect of a student’s need is taken care of at SPS. There are quite a lot of leisure time activities that they can pursue like some indoor and outdoor sports, reading, watching TV.


dinning hallA gracious and orderly atmosphere pervades the dining hall as students take their seats before meals, beginning with prayers. The menu includes a variety of mouth-watering dishes – North Indian, South Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisines, chaats and pizzas followed by an elaborate spread of desserts. The food served is vegetarian or nonvegetarian sourced from different parts of the country and abroad. There is a large assortment of dishes on the menu.