The School is just as good as the quality of teachers. SPS boasts of the finest set of facilitators who make learning a joy and not a burden to be grudgingly carried. Each one of them is hand picked for their versatility and commitment. They are highly qualified and thoroughly trained. The special emphasis on their training has been in the area of creative teaching, mentoring and developing soft skills. Regular workshops ensure that the teachers always update their knowledge and skills in their subjects.

The Teaching Learning Committee

Copy of DSCN1198The teachers at SPS are life long learners. They realize that the knowledge is like an ocean and they know only a few drops of it. Which is why the Teaching Learning Committee of the school offers time bound learning activities for teachers to help them in upgrading their skills and enhancing their know how in the subjects of their choice. Staff lectures are an occasion for sharing the stories of difficulty and success in their attempts at innovative practices. Staff lectures are an occasion for sharing the stories of their success and the difficulties faced in their attempts at innovative practice. Each teacher identifies an area for Continuous Professional Development.