Subhash Public School is an exciting and amazing place to be. It is a school where pupils are taught to think by teachers who inspire them . SPS renowned academic pre-eminence is a result of pupils learning the skills of intellectual enquiry and debate and applying them well beyond the syllabus. We are a close community of student life at Subhash Public School involves the basic principles of life blended well with values and education through our safe environment.
Those parents who choose our school for their sons and daughters will have an astonishing range of opportunities beyond the classroom , for example in music , drama, debating and sport . pupils are keen to look outward as well and to play their part in the life of the local community.
The nurturing of each individual s talents to the highest degree means that there is no such thing as a typical imperial student . at SPS we nurture the individual in a manner that they are ready to face the innumerable challenges of life. What thy have in common is that they emerge from imperial as drticulate , confident, with a string sense of social responsibility, ready for university and the wider world.
We restrict ourselves to a bounded community of students and ensure the screening of those coming to SPS so as to create a beautiful , secure and friendly environment withing the boundaries of Subhash Public School.
You will, I hope, get a helpful and informative impression of imperial Academy from this prospectus. But nothing, of course, can replace a visit to the school. Being in the centre of the city we are obviously extremely well connected in terms of public transport. We look forward to yiur visit to our campus